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Dive into our interactive data dashboard to see the aggregate results (across all participating schools) for the 2023-2024 survey.


Using our 2019-2021 data, we take a closer look to understand the experiences of Women in STEM. Learn more in our interactive dashboard below.


The Percentage Project has grown year over year -- we strive to continue scaling across more participating schools every year, and grow our annual survey response volume and photo campaign participation.



We send out an estimated 5-minute survey to students at participating schools and collect anonymous responses.

Data Collection

Participating schools have the option to select between two survey collection methods, depending on each school’s needs. We acknowledge that both methods serve as a step in the right direction towards collecting more climate data in technology education.

Data Analysis

We perform an aggregate analysis on data from all schools, which is then shared on our website and social media accounts.


  1. All questions are multiple choice questions and do not allow custom inputs, except for “Other” in the demographic identification questions, which allows participants to specify further.

  2. Surveys are kept at around a 5 minute estimated length. This year, we have 19 questions and 8 demographic identification questions. Individual schools may add up to 2 additional questions to their surveys.

  3. Survey questions are reviewed each year. For the most part, we aim to keep questions similar from year to year in order to follow long term development across the same questions.

  4. All questions other than demographic identification questions are not required to submit the survey. All demographic identification questions have “Prefer not to say” as an option.

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