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Member Highlight: Uma Patel

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

“I’ve always been drawn to activities that involved creating or producing visual output.”

Uma Patel is a creator. From a young age, she curated scrapbooks, strung together jewelry, and experimented with photography. In one instance, Uma wanted to build a brick house. She stacked the bricks one by one with the characteristic uninhibited nature that comes with being an ambitious kid. She loved seeing the walls get bigger and bigger - a direct reflection of her hard work. Now in her fifth year at Drexel University, she studies Chemistry, where she can explore creating chemical compounds, and Computer Science, where she can use programming to create websites, games, and more.

Growing up, Uma saw gaps in health education and was determined to bring awareness to topics of gender and health in an approachable way. Just like her younger self, Uma loves to see her projects grow from an idea to reality. With her friend Melinda, she launched an online community called Let’s Sync Health to talk about and share information on reproductive health, sexual education, and even emotional wellness. “We realized that there are so many laws that you have to go through to actually change health curriculums in schools and so this would be the easiest way to infiltrate the space,” she says. Through the use of accessible photo graphics, videos, and online forums, she found another way to make an impact on health education.

Uma, having heard about the Percentage Project from a friend, was intrigued by their use of visuals to tell the story of being underrepresented in the Computer Science field. Knowing how powerful visual storytelling and accessible photo graphics can be, she was eager to jump in and help with the initiative. She is now a campus director and one of the photographers on the team creating the graphics for this year’s survey data. As she plans for a future in digital health and fem tech, she will carry on with her innate drive to build and create.


This article is written by Jennifer Lin and edited by Luna Ito-Fisher.

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